Sometime in the not-too-distant past, Tom Joseph and Patty Holt met and decided to get married and raise a family in Wheeling, West Virginia.

The Joseph Sisters country/soul singing group are a result of their strong family upbringing. The girls have been performing together for about fifteen years. Marybeth is the oldest, followed by Jamie, and then Shalyn.

Marybeth began her singing career when she was asked as a first grader to sing with Kenny Rogers when his Christmas show came to Wheeling. At seven years old, Marybeth opened the second half of Kenny’s show. She continued to perform in school plays and churches. Jamie is the “small but mighty” sister who keeps the group rocking. Jamie started singing with multiple solo performances in churches and school plays. When Shalyn “the baby” came in, the group’s rich sibling harmonies came to life. By the time Shaylin was 10, the girls had been performing as regulars at church and schools and several fairs.

The girls are all students of Ohio County schools, and were all members of the Young Patriots, an elite group in Wheeling Park’s choral program. Jamie and Marybeth were also members of Fairmont University’s choir.

In 2010, the girls hooked up with the “State of Mind Band” and started to follow their dream of becoming a viable professional act in Country Music. They began singing fairs and festivals, as well as side stage performances at Jamboree in the Hills.

In July of 2011, they met up with Gus Monezis, former manager of Wild Cherry and B.E. Taylor. He introduced them to some original songs, and they agreed Gus and their father Tom would manage the girls. It will be a family run business, with Patty also helping.

They hired Rick Witkowski from Studio L, and they began to record original songs. The girls are also writing original songs. Their lively stage performance and their spine tingling harmonies are fast becoming the talk of the valley.

The Joseph Sisters – Coming On Strong!